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Tom Luke

Business to Business Open House – Aug 24, 2016


Succeeding in business today is an ongoing challenge. Many networking groups are created to generate leads, but few provide an environment that develops you and your business. Business to Business is both a referral and development group. It can provide you with the advantages that your competition does not have – professional growth and results.

Since 1998 Business to Business has brought industry professionals together to help identify and promote business opportunities. Members currently meet every Wednesday morning from 7:15-8:30 a.m. at the Bel Air Banquet Room, 12100 West Center Road, Suite 520. In addition to providing qualified referrals, we develop strong business relationships and exchange best principles and practices.

I want to personally invite you to our next “Open House” on August 24, at the Bel Air Banquet Room, 12100 West Center Road, Suite 520. As my guest, you will receive a complimentary breakfast and meet professionals from a variety of industries who are serious about succeeding and helping others do the same. Please call me if you have any questions.

Tom Luke

Congratulations on your new listing at 605 N Fort Crook Road


Congratulations on your new listing at
605 N Fort Crook Road

To assist you in promoting the property, we’ve created the following for your use:

•    LeadStreet For Sale Flyer available here
•    LeadStreet Just Listed ePostcard available here
•    LeadStreet Just Listed Postcard 1 available here
•    LeadStreet Just Listed Website available here
•    Video – Click to preview or copy to share:
•    LeadStreet Virtual Tour 1 unbranded here | branded here

If you would like to distribute or modify any of the marketing materials, they are located in your RE/MAX Design Center account here. A few of the options are:

•    Email to your clients and prospects
•    Distribute on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Pinterest
•    Print using your preferred printer
•    Update photos, change text

To learn more about RE/MAX Automation, please click here to visit Customer Service and read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). If you would like to contact support, simply reply to this email.

And again, congratulations on your new listing!

Tom Luke

Free Lunch and Sneak Preview of ActionCLUB

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Network with other business owners over a free lunch and a Sneak Preview of ActionCLUB, a business power course that will change the way you run your business! Your free lunch will begin at Noon on the fourth Thursday of each month at Regency Lodge, 909 S. 107th, Omaha.

We’ll challenge the way you see yourself and your business! Plus, we’ll give you a Sneak Peek of ActionCLUB, a 6-part course on business that will have you rethinking how you do business!


Jim Barger
Certified Business Coach
The World’s #1 Business Coaching Firm
Main: (402) 676-8809
Fax: (866) 408-1004

Brandon Gordon

How to Color Code Your Inbox Messages

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Organizing your Outlook 2013 inbox by color-coding your message helps to bring attention to important messages, or sometimes even reduce the “noise” created by repeated email messages. Let’s run through this process to see how it’s done. Below you can see the green, red, and blue messages that are defined by existing rules.

From the inbox, select View from the Ribbon, then View Settings.

Select Conditional Formatting

Click Add, and give your new rule a name.

Click Font and select a different color, style, or even size for the selected messages, then click OK.

Select condition and enter the search words in the subject or from. This part of the process assigns your formatting to the search results defined here.

That’s it. You can define as many rules as you like, and your messages in the inbox will be formatted.

For more information, view our site at